Why haven't I received my SMS verification code?

SMS verification codes may take up to 5 minutes to receive. If you still haven’t received it after 5 minutes, it’s possible that external issues may be causing the delay. At this time, SMS is the only way codes are sent as part of the verification process. We do not currently send verification codes via email. 

To resolve a delivery problem with SMS:

  1. Check that your device’s SMS settings are properly configured to allow (and not block) the delivery of your SMS codes.
  2. Check that your device has a strong signal, and that there are no regional restrictions preventing incoming SMS codes.
  3. Contact your SMS provider to rule out any relevant service outages, or other possible causes.

Please note: Your phone number can be used for exchange verification in one Wallet only. Verification attempts made with the same phone number in a second Wallet will not be approved.

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